What we do

  • Graphic Design


    Logos, branding, corporate identity, brand standards, bid packages, box art and print layout.

  • Illustration


    A unique style in traditional and digital pencil, charcoal, ink and painting techniques.

  • 3d Animation

    3d modeling, animation, pre-vis, gaming, motion graphics, video editing, post production FX.

Why choose us?

Experience. Skill. Professionalism.

We have over 25 years in the creative industry working with clients big and small, from all over the world. We have the experience to know what needs to be done, the skills to carry it out and the professionalism to see it through to success. Add to this a personable business approach and you’ve got solid foundation to get your project off the ground quickly and completed on time and on budget.



Some notable past clients

  • Multi-year relationship creating many interactive Flash pieces used for both internal training and brand training as well as a large number of graphics, charts and diagrams used in business and corporate development.

  • 8 month project featuring two architecturally accurate 3d models of  both the new power plant in Gantt, Alabama as well as the previous plant it replaced. The animations and graphics rendered with these models were used in training and e-learning courseware.

  • Box art for Army Men : Sarge’s Heroes 2 and Army Men 2 : Air Attack, released on the Nintendo 64 and Playstation 2. Similar box art was done for Fire Pro Wrestling from Bam! Entertainment around this time.

  • 3d modelling of a variety of weapons and equipment used as both design and bump mapping reference for the game Dark Sector.

  • Storyboards for a Visa Buxx / Final Fantasy IX television commercial drawn from a textual draft of the tv spot.

  • Graphics and layouts for internal Powerpoint presentations and external sales materials as well as interactive Flash pieces used by business development.

Little Black Book of our Creative Director

I’ve learned from and worked with a huge variety of entertainers, designers, artists and corporations over the years on a broad assortment of projects. Here are some notable accomplishments to give an idea of the scope of my efforts over the years.

and the rest of our client list